Eight Months – Everything is going into the mouth

You will remember that we started a new Milestone Blog Series a few months ago so here is the latest blog. It’s amazing to see how Sophie is growing and the skills she is developing.

As you can see from Sophie’s milestone picture, it was a challenge to see what month’s sticker she had as she was adamant she was going to chew the sticker. We are still waiting for some teeth to appear although I know some babies at this age have a few teeth already. This month her favourite teether has been Grace’s wooden building blocks.

Having a nearly 3 year old in the house has made this ‘everything goes in the mouth’ stage a bit more challenging. We have had to be vigilant with tidying up and accounting for all the tiny pieces to avoid choking hazards. At least Sophie isn’t crawling yet so we just need to clear the area around where she is sitting. Have you done a First Aid course? I did one shortly after Sophie was born and it was great. There were small tips like don’t store your household cleaning products in the bottom cupboards in the kitchen that were also very useful.

Sophie’s favourite toy this month has been an empty 1 litre bottle filled with beads. She loves to shake it around and also watch it roll on the floor. It is a great auditory experience for her and was SO easy for me to make!

Written by: Bonnie Cornish-Bowden

14, April, 2016