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Every 2nd month we put together a beautifully packaged range of fun and educational toys, books and activities that are hand picked to suit your child’s age and gender. Items included are chosen according to the specific developmental needs of children from ages 0 – 5. It’s simple! We work on a subscription model and deliver to your door once a month for R399. Browse example boxes below or on our blog.


This stage is all developing the senses and muscles. This box includes toys that encourage tummy time and help develop hand-to-eye coordination, hearing and smell. They can’t play with toys yet, but showing your baby the toys and holding them just out of reach helps to develop the senses.


Your baby will start to notice the difference in colours, recognise objects and develop their senses further. Stimulation in the form of different textures, colours and smells will be in this box to help develop the senses further. Looking at colours and objects in books is great at this stage.


On the move! You’ll find a variety of toys and activities to encourage movement and your toddler’s fine motor skills in this box, plus books for language development. There are also toys that enable toddlers to put objects in a box/container and remove them while starting to recognise colours and textures.


Your toddler is starting to understand instructions so you can start playing games together. Drawing and reading will be a big focus of these boxes. Activities and toys to encourage dancing and eating are important at this stage and water play becomes a great experience for your little ones!

19-24 months
Subscription Box Giveaway

The motor skills are now reaching the developmental stages where they can throw a ball and also enjoy filling and emptying containers. Lots of sensory games and activities as well as toys to encourage pretend/make believe play will be included in this box.

Subscription Box 18 to 24 months

We’ll help you survive the terrible twos with this box! There will be a lot of running around and jumping but their concentration periods have become longer which is great. Lots of learning games, books and craft materials will be included as they start to enjoy the learning process.

Subscription Box for 2 to 3 years old

Your poppet will start to love doing craft activities. Drawing, painting, cutting and sticking as well as pretend play are a big focus at this age. Different ideas and activities to encourage and learn about daily routines will also be a great aspect of this box.

Our Once-Off boxes are the perfect gift for your little ones or for a friend or family member.

The Once-Off Gift box is a great birthday present for R249 delivered to you or directly to the birthday girl/boy. We will put a box together filled with toys/books/activities suitable for the child’s age.

Our range also includes Travel and Holiday Activity boxes. These boxes are available for ages 2-3 years and 3-5 years. They are R299 including delivery.

Our Baby Shower boxes are the perfect gift for a baby shower and are R349 including delivery.

See examples of these boxes on our Instagram or Facebook pages.

Baby Shower

Example box

This box is a perfect baby shower gift and equips mom for the first few months with her newborn. Expect a Lily n Jack Snuggle Bunny, Pickalilly dummy clip and dribble bib, Pure Beginnings Organic Bath Wash and a Little Interiors High Contrast dingle dangle.

Once OffGift Box

Example Box

Our Once-Off Gift boxes are perfect for birthday presents. We include toys, books and activities suitable for the child’s age. These include items similar to our subscription boxes but are more suitably priced for a gift.


Example Box

Keep your toddlers entertained on the plane or in the car! These boxes are easy to pack and mess free. Expect items like lacing beads, a DIY activity, sticker/activity books, felt activity sets, reusable sticker scenes and more. Suitable for kids two years and older.

Holiday Activities

Example Box

Keep your little ones entertained all holiday long! Expect items like play dough and play dough tools, paint and painting tools, sticker/activity books, a DIY activity, lacing beads, stamps and more! Suitable for kids two years and older.