Leaf Spray Painting

It’s Winter but any activity to get the little ones out the house is a bonus! Take them out for a walk to collect leaves for this activity. Let them pick which leaves they like and fill a basket then hop on home and start the activity fun!

spray paint 3   spray paint 4


What you need:

Spray bottle






What to do:

  1. Fill the spray bottle with a combination of 1/2 paint and 1/2 water
  2. Either lay some paper outside or lay down a lot of newspaper/any paper    and place some white paper on top
  3. Help them choose a few leaves they want to spray and show them how to spray with the bottle onto the leaves
  4. Lift the leaves off the paper to see the patterns!

spray paint 2



Using the spray bottle helps to strengthen the muscles in their hands and help with their co-ordination. They may need to use two hands at first.

It gets their creative juices flowing! If you can, fill a few different bottles with different colours and it can turn into a colour learning activity as well.

They will love to see the art that they have created.

If you do try this activity – send us some photos of your little ones masterpieces!

22, July, 2016