Spaghetti Sensory Fun

spaghetti 3   Leo is now at the age (9 months) where he is really intrigued by everything around him and actually wants to touch and play with about anything instead of just putting it in his mouth. He is fascinated by different textures as his senses are becoming more developed so now is a really important age to start introducing a variety of sensory activities.r Nanny and I have been looking for ways to keep him stimulated and busy and she came up with this awesome idea the other day. Leo loved it and it kept him entertained for more than 5 minutes – bonus!


What you need:


Food Colouring


What to do:

Cook the spaghetti (as much as you want), drain it and rinse with cold water so it cools down quickly

Divide the spaghetti into a few batches and add a touch of the food colouring to each batch

You can add some olive oil to make them even more slimy!


We put the spaghetti on a baking tray so it was easy for Leo to get to but for the older kids you can put the different colours in different bowls and let them mix them.

Leo loved putting it in his mouth but was also playing with it between his fingers and moving it around on the tray and throwing it on the floor!

Have fun!!

spaghetti 2     spaghetti 1


03, July, 2017