under the sea activity

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It’s a slippery, slimy, tasty, under the sea jelly adventure! And it’s so easy to put together.

My little boy Leo is still at the stage of putting everything and anything into his mouth (when will he ever grow out of this!!?) so to avoid a serious sugar high I managed to find some sugar free jelly at Dischem. Unfortunately it is red and not blue so we had ‘red sea’ in our activity but if you can use blue jelly to make it more realistic then do!

jelly 1


What you need:


Plastic Sea Creatures (the below are from the Crazy Store)

Tupperware or tub or bowl


What to do:

Make the jelly according to the instructions on the packet and pop the sea creatures into it before it sets.


Sensory benefits:

At first Leo was a bit unsure of the sticky jelly but once he spotted the sea creatures he couldn’t wait to get stuck in and try get them out so he could put them in his mouth (obviously!). I allowed him to really play with the jelly and explore its sticky, slippery texture even once he had managed to get some of the creatures out.

For older toddlers, it can be a great language development opportunity as you can teach them the different sea creatures and their names.

Children process information through their senses and they learn through exploring all of them. Even though the sense of touch is probably the most explored sense in this activity they are engaging with their other senses as well (taste, smell etc.).

What I really love about sensory play is it offers kids the opportunity for self-expression and can develop their self esteem – there is no right way to do it and they are free to explore in whatever way they want to.

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12, October, 2017