What’s in the box – On the Move

Our October ‘On the Move’ box has gone out and we had so much fun putting it together. We spend a huge amount of energy searching for very unique products that our poppets will be intrigued by which encourages them to play and learn.

Each age group received a few of the below items that were suitable for their age.


Melissa and Doug Clacking Key Ring – The clicking, clacking noise this key chain makes engages infants immediately! These three keys feature basic shapes in bright colours, link on and off the key chain and fit in the keyhole, so there are lots of ways to promote fine motor skills and sensory development (sight and sound).

oball-1  oball-helicopter

O’ball Car and Helicopter – The perfect first car with soft, flexible and colourful material. It has ample finger holes to make it easy for your baby to grasp and is light enough for them to pick up. The beads rattle as the little one moves the car/helicopter around which introduces them to sound as well as cause-and-effect.


My First Car Rattle – This rattle will help little ones experience a few of the different senses. The bright colours are great for their sight, the rattle sound for their hearing and the different textures for their touch sense.


Small board books – Small books like this are easy for babies to grasp and try and turn the pages. They are also a good way to expose them to colours and images developing their eye sight.


Shiny Drivers Board Book – Board books with bright colours and sturdy pages are important for younger babies. Although they cannot read or even understand you, it is still worthwhile to read to them introducing them to the different sounds and tones of your voice.


VIGA Push Along Car – push along toys aid in gross motor skill development. This car is designed so that it is easy to grasp and push for the younger ones. They can push the toy along the ground or even better along a table while they stand.


Melissa & Doug Emergency Vehicle – This awesome wooden car will work on both gross motor skills (pushing the car over a surface) as well as fine motor skills (fitting the person in and out of the car). Great for imaginative play and learning about different types of vehicles.


Melissa and Doug Stacking Emergency Vehicle – So much fun to build and rebuild these vehicles. It has a freewheeling base and is constructed of solid wood stacking parts which makes it the perfect toy for problem solving as they work out how the vehicle fits together while also using their fine motor skills.


Transport Peg Puzzle – Puzzles teach patience! In addition, they also teach fine motor skills, problem solving and vocabulary development so work with them and teach them the different vehicles on this puzzle.


Slide and Find Trucks – We love interactive books – not only does this book promote fine motor skills by sliding the doors to find the different trucks but it will also encourage them to start thinking and problem solve.


Melissa and Doug Puzzles in a box – Puzzles are a perfect way to learn patience and how to problem solve. They may struggle at first but they will also learn that practice makes perfect by trying the puzzles over and over again and watching the vehicles images appear when they get it right!


Melissa and Doug Water Wow – No-mess painting for kids and a perfect travel activity – Four scenes to colour as well as a search-an-find activity for each with a chunky easy to grasp pen. Recognising different colours, grasping a pen and searching, finding and learning different objects/words are only some of the benefits of this compact creative activity book.


Busy Day – A lovely story with fun illustrations introducing and teaching toddlers about all the different types of vehicles – from cars, diggers to hot air balloons.

sticker-book-2 sticker-book

Sticker Activity Book – Both educational and story books are important. This book teaches a lot about each of the different vehicles and their purpose. It also has activity pages where they need to use the stickers and their problem solving skills to complete the activity.


We always try to include activities in our boxes that promote interaction so our moms/nannies/grannies can work with them and teach them – some great bonding time!

activities-1 activities-2

To get our next box which we will be sending out in December – sign up here or email us at info@poppetpost.co.za.


18, October, 2016